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"for the desperate attempts i have made to feel content, i must now stop. i can not live, blurred."

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"Mawiage. Mawiage is what bwings us togewa today."

-"The Princess Bride," by William Goldman (who also wrote the book, which I haven't read yet. But it's on my list. Oh, the list).
I have a theory (okay, I have several, but anyway): Put simply, the idea of abstinence until marriage leads to early marriage leads to divorce.
Think about it. People are developing sexually earlier and earlier, and dying later and later. It used to be socially acceptable and even the norm to marry at age 15 or so, because back then they were lucky to make it to 70. Also, arranged marriages were a lot more common back then. Nowadays, for the most part, we actually get to choose who we supposedly are going to 'spend the rest of our lives with' (my inner commitment-phobe still shudders at this phrase, by the way). However, with kids becoming randy so much earlier, those who are convinced that sex before marriage is a sin go out and get hitched to the first person who gives them the time of day. And we wonder why they end up unhappy. While this sucks for the couple, it's even worse when they procreate, and their spawn becomes involved. From diapers to divorces, children make everything messy.
Then, a lot of these offspring use their unhappy broken homes as an excuse to be ass-holes and crooks. Therefore, as clear as is the summer sun, it is not the media or homosexuality or immigration or what-not that has caused the decline of western civilization. It's Christianity. Okay, I'm being a bit extreme (surprised? Heh, I thought not). But if you consider the divorce rate in this country, and the fact that many of these divorces involve kids, which leaves all these parents who are so busy fighting with their exes and picking up the pieces of their own lives that they have no time to deal with their children, there are going to be consequences. Not only do these kids have unhappy childhoods, but they end up with no idea how a happy marriage is actually supposed to work. Which leads to more divorce; the endless cycle.
Furthermore, there are so many people getting married who don't even know themselves yet, let alone the person to whom they are committing themselves. It has been scientifically proven (by Dr. Mffsssmma...okay, I don't know, my step-mom told me) that on average, people change the most between the ages of 25 and 30. New studies have come out which indicate that the frontal lobe does not become fully developed until the age of 25 (as opposed to age 18, as was previously thought), which might have something to do with the dramatic 25-30 shift.
Many of my friends (my age or younger) are engaged, or getting married, or looking for someone to settle down with. This freaks me out. People are frickin' living longer now; we can relax and actually have a life before we 'settle down.' I pretend to be happy for them, and I do hope for the best for them. But I think I'm being more of a realist than a pessimist when I say in my head 'Too bad it's not going to work out.' I hate going to weddings and plastering a smile on my face and mumbling some sort of half-assed congradulations to the currently-happy couple when I can see like Cassandra their ultimate doom. But hey, at least there's usually free food. And at least for that moment, they can have their cake and can smush it into each-other's faces, too. I would rather just throw a big party; invite all the relevant people, and say "Hey; I like this person. We're gonna stay together for a bit. A day, I think, at the least." And then maybe people will give us stuff. However, considering all the legal mumbo-jumbo, I'm planning on getting hitched before I bare fruit. But not for a looong time yet.

Posted at 01:18 am by FNInsomniac

July 27, 2006   05:16 PM PDT
But what if independence and feminism are a large part of who one is? I *want* someone to appreciate these things about me and not try to change them (as has happened in the past).
July 13, 2006   08:48 PM PDT
It's the virgin-whore thing.

Most guys fantasized a virgin who acts like a whore behind closed door, but when it happens in reality, usually it never lasted beyond the nite-stands.

It's when a person accepts u for everything that u are and doesnt gives a hoot bout independence or feminine or watever social conceptions there are and still wanna be exclusively attached to u..then he's worth keeping.
May 14, 2005   09:53 PM PDT
Ah, I see. I think maybe I should kick people in the balls more often *growl*
May 13, 2005   10:02 AM PDT
Mostly, it's all about the challenge. Something like subjugating an entire country... Columbia was boring; I'm hoping America puts up more of a struggle.
April 29, 2005   10:00 PM PDT
Thanks; I like my head, too ;)

The 'no s.o. 'til 25' idea is a good one. However, I hate dating and tend to become attatched to people rather easily. Luckily, the person I'm currently with is rather, shall we say, open-minded? He also doesn't start every sentence with "When we get married..." like the last one *gag*. Why do some guys claim to enjoy independence in a woman and then proceed to try to make them into co-dependent little puppies? Hm; that sounds like an idea for a post...
April 29, 2005   08:24 AM PDT
You've got a good head on your shoulders, Insie. I've always thought this way, and you need to keep doing so.

You shouldn't even have a "significant other" until 25, MINIMUM. Until then, go out, find yourself, see as many guys or girls as you want, be free and learn who you are first. Then you can decide what you are looking for in another person. Just be safe.
April 23, 2005   11:10 PM PDT
Yeah; I find I'll do a lot of things for free food lately.
April 23, 2005   04:42 PM PDT
Yeah, weddings are crazy.

But, hey, free food.

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